I absolutely loved Watherton Lakes National Park. It was a very nice town set it an absolutely beautiful area, and it wasn't crowded at all. We stayed at the Bay Shore Inn. I don't think that I'd stay there again. It wasn't very nice. The people working there were rude. The towels were horribly thin and had "don't steal these towels" signs next to them (not exactly a nice touch). They advertised "satellite television," but the TV only got three channels and the remote was bolted down (another nice touch). We paid extra for a lake-front room, but no one told us that there was a solid line of trees between us and the water so that we really couldn't see anything.

For some reason, most of my pictures from Waterton didn't turn out. There are a few that did. Here's a picture of the incredibly beautiful Cameron Falls and a sign explaining a little of the geology of it. Here's a picture of a chipmunk on a rock enjoying the falls.

The deer come out in the evening and wander through the town. None of my pictures of them turned out very well though. Here are a couple of more pictures from around town ...
Picture 1 Picture 2.

I've heard that if you go to the park on Canada Day (July 1) the Mounties will pose for pictures with you.

We actually spent our 2nd day there in Montana's Glacier National Park. I was really disappointed in it. It was beautiful but horribly crowded. I drove the Going to the Sun Road the length of the park. I only took one picture (of a mountain goat). There was just no where to pull off and take any of it in. There were cars everywhere. We couldn't even stop at the gift shop at the summit of Logan Pass. The parking lot was full. After we drove through the park from west to east we went to Whitefish, MT to Big Mountain ski area which was nice and uncrowded. I was hoping that our drive back through Glacier would be less crowded, but it wasn't. I know that if we'd had some more time and could have gone to some more remote areas of the park, I would have enjoyed it more. I'd love to visit Glacier again but will probably wait until I can go in September. With Tanya teaching, that won't happen any time soon.

Here's a picture of the Alberta/Montana border with Montana on the left and Alberta on the right. The left edge of the cut line marks the actual border.

The way that Rockies rise out of the Great Plains is absolutely incredible!

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