Cranbrook was kind of a last minute addition to our vacation. Since we were going to be in Washington visiting Mt. St. Helens, and neither of us had ever been to Canada, we decided to go. We chose Southeast B.C. and Waterton so that we could drive back to Texas through a different part of the U.S.. I liked Cranbrook. It was in the middle of the beautiful Kootenay Mountains, but wasn't at all touristy. It had a very "real" feel to it.

It was cold (a good problem to have in July!) and rainy when we were there, and I didn't take very many pictures. Here's one that I took of a waterfall just north of town. The Rockies of British Columbia might be the prettiest place that I've ever been to. I wish that the light had been better during our time there :(.

Cranbrook is home toThe Canadian Museum of Rail Travel which was very cool at the time because my oldest nephew was obsessed with trains, so it made for easy Christmas present buying. I have a couple pictures that I took at the museum (which moved to a new location in 2002).

Tea and Scones
A Time Table from 1929

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