The following pictures were taken June 29 in Bandon, Oregon. We stayed right on the beach in a small room that we rented from the Sunset Motel. The room wasn't much, but the view was absolutely fantastic.

I really liked the town of Bandon. One of the things that I liked about it, and one of Oregon's great strengths in general, is that it wasn't very "touristy." As a kid, my family used to go to Florida every summer. It was a little less nice every year. Florida's beaches are still beautiful, but too many of its towns have been taken over by strip malls peddling every kind of tacky item imaginable. Things aren't like that in Oregon. That's especially true in Bandon.

If you've read my "old" main home page (i.e. the one before Squash's hard drive died last fall), you'll know that I was a meteorology major in college. My drive to Bandon really fascinated me. The day that we drove to Bandon was very warm. We drove from Ashland to Bandon that day going through Medford, Grants Pass, and Gold Beach. When we were about 15 miles inland from Gold Beach, I noticed that the car's thermometer registered 85F. By the time we got to the coast, it was down to 65F. Downtown Bandon, which is a couple of miles inland, was about 65F and sunny. Our beachfront motel was 57 and foggy with occasional drizzle. After our 100F day the day before in Ashland, it felt great!

The Pacific Ocean scenery was magnificent. I wish that we'd spent more time in Bandon. We were only there for about 24 hours. Here are a few pictures taken from the beach in front of our motel.

Picture 1 Picture 2 (actually taken from the motel parking lot)
Picture 3 Picture 4 (the water temperature was 53 the days of these pictures.)

Here a picture of a starfish who had seen better days.

Check out the Bandon cheese factory and Bandon Sweets and Treats. These two places alone justify a visit to Bandon!

We left Bandon on June 30 and headed up the coast to the Oregon Sea Lion Caves. They're the largest sea caves in the world. However, unbeknownst to me, sea lions don't spend much time in them in the summer. They like to hang out in the sun. I still managed to get a couple of sea lion pics.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Here's a picture of a sign telling you a little about Stellar Sea Lions.

From the Sea Lion Caves, you could see the famous Heceta Head Lighthouse. Back to squash's main page.

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